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supersize me
this account was created so we can collect all the supersized emotes in one place and have a place to look them up.
if you want your emote avatar to be listed, please note.

awwplz                 :iconawwplz:
big-grin               :iconbig-grin:
biggs-enhanced   :iconbiggs-enhanced:
blowme              :iconblowme:
condom               :iconcondom:
deadplz               :icondeadplz:
dieplz                  :icondieplz:
dohplz                 :icondohplz:
eckzdeeplz          :iconeckzdeeplz:  
eekplz                :iconeekplz:
eye-popper         :iconeye-popper:
failplz                  :iconfailplz:
forumcougar         :iconforumcougar:
Fuckyouplz           :iconfuckyouplz:
glompfuck            :iconglompfuck:
grinplz                :icongrinplz:
hatplz                  :iconhatplz:
hmmplz                :iconhmmplz:
homosex              :iconhomosex:
jackmeoff           :iconjackmeoff:
jarkmeoff            :iconjarkmeoff:
jeezplz                :iconjeezplz:
jihadplz              :iconjihadplz:
jihatplz               :iconjihatplz:
love                    :iconlove:
megacookie          :iconmegacookie:
molesterate          :iconmolesterate:
murder               :iconmurder:
njp                      :iconnjp:
owens                   :iconowens:
peckjark              :iconpeckjark:
plzplz                   :iconplzplz:
poorhorse           :iconpoorhorse:
primouse             :iconprimouse:
pwnedplz             :iconpwnedplz:
rat-1986              :iconrat-1986:
rollplz                  :iconrollplz:
sexme                  :iconsexme:
shakefish              :iconshakefish:
shutter                :iconshutter:
stareplx              :iconstareplx:
stareplz              :iconstareplz:
stripplz                :iconstripplz:
Twatplz               :icontwatplz:
winkplz                :iconwinkplz:
wrongforum         :iconwrongforum:
wtfplz                 :iconwtfplz:

I'll let jackmeoff on the list, hoping it will return to us, some day :tears:

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The founding father of all plz accounts.
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he is plz
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Умники и остолопы,
всех вас ждёт большая жопа,
за грехи вам доктор Штопор...
Проооопишет пизды!
прооопишет пизды!
Реааааальной пизды!
Кооонкретной пизды!
SweetCreeper132PL Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yyyyyy............ Nic nie rozumiem
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: o Rainbow Spinning Ball 
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