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supersize me
this account was created so we can collect all the supersized emotes in one place and have a place to look them up.
if you want your emote avatar to be listed, please note.

awwplz                 :iconawwplz:
big-grin               :iconbig-grin:
biggs-enhanced   :iconbiggs-enhanced:
blowme              :iconblowme:
condom               :iconcondom:
deadplz               :icondeadplz:
dieplz                  :icondieplz:
dohplz                 :icondohplz:
eckzdeeplz          :iconeckzdeeplz:  
eekplz                :iconeekplz:
eye-popper         :iconeye-popper:
failplz                  :iconfailplz:
forumcougar         :iconforumcougar:
Fuckyouplz           :iconfuckyouplz:
glompfuck            :iconglompfuck:
grinplz                :icongrinplz:
hatplz                  :iconhatplz:
hmmplz                :iconhmmplz:
homosex              :iconhomosex:
jackmeoff           :iconjackmeoff:
jarkmeoff            :iconjarkmeoff:
jeezplz                :iconjeezplz:
jihadplz              :iconjihadplz:
jihatplz               :iconjihatplz:
love                    :iconlove:
megacookie          :iconmegacookie:
molesterate          :iconmolesterate:
murder               :iconmurder:
njp                      :iconnjp:
owens                   :iconowens:
peckjark              :iconpeckjark:
plzplz                   :iconplzplz:
poorhorse           :iconpoorhorse:
primouse             :iconprimouse:
pwnedplz             :iconpwnedplz:
rat-1986              :iconrat-1986:
rollplz                  :iconrollplz:
sexme                  :iconsexme:
shakefish              :iconshakefish:
shutter                :iconshutter:
stareplx              :iconstareplx:
stareplz              :iconstareplz:
stripplz                :iconstripplz:
Twatplz               :icontwatplz:
winkplz                :iconwinkplz:
wrongforum         :iconwrongforum:
wtfplz                 :iconwtfplz:

I'll let jackmeoff on the list, hoping it will return to us, some day :tears:

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